The XR studio consists of an LED wall system with 8˙382˙528 pixels on an area of approximately 90 m², which serves as a backdrop for the embedded film set.
The wall is constructed in a U-shape and is completed by movable LED surfaces at the front.

If necessary, the virtual environment can be complemented by a real set. In this case, the LED wall is not only used as a background, but serves as a so-called set extension, which normally has to be created elaborately in post-production.

This type of set extension has the advantage that lighting scenes and lighting generated by the LED wall have a direct influence on the lighting of the real environment and filmed actors or objects.

A tracking system which records the camera movement in real time and passes it on to the software creates additional plasticity and immersion. The perspective of the environment is newly generated in relation to the camera position in real time.
The software required for the LED studio and the integrated camera tracking was initially developed by CPP Studios in 2020 and is continuously optimized.

Based on the Unreal Engine used in Hollywood, a method was created to virtually create environments in real time. Unreal Engine, developed by Epic Games, is the market leader in the field of real-time engines.

Scope and possibilities of software and engine are almost unlimited. They vary from the creation of dynamic backgrounds to the simulation of landscapes or cities. Locations can be changed at the click of a button, environments can be dynamically grown or switched, and natural light moods and sun positions can be freely selected.

floor plan and resolution
A floor plan and technical details are available for download here